Good Pairings with Dark Chocolate

Our semisweet (65%) and bittersweet (72%) coverture chocolates have bold cocoa flavours with hints of spice, nut, and fruit. 


OREGANO FUSION  –  Couverture dark chocolate bar infused with oregano & sage, finished with habanero sea salt. Delicious on a charcuterie board and with the following:
MEATS: Strongly flavoured cured and jerked meats / Salami / Capicollo / Chorizo / Salami al finocchietto, mocetta
CHEESES: Blue cheese / Old Cheddar / Buffalo / Emmental / Gouda / Goat cheese / Flavoured Cream cheeses: raspberry, chive onion, jalapeno, sundried tomato, basil
NUTS & FRUITS: Nuts /  Cashew / Pecan / Macadamia / Apricot / Cranberry


Solid Semisweet or Bittersweet
Oregano Fusion
Thai Ginger Sea Salt Chocolate
Pistachio Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peel
Mint Leaf Chocolate


Glen Breton 10 yr Single Malt + Sea Salt Caramel in Dark Chocolate
Forty Creek Confederate Oak Reserve + Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peel
Crown Royal + Cinnamon Ginger
Park Distillery 10 year + Apricot Lavender Chocolate
Kilchoman 100% Islay + Mango Peppercorn Chocolate
Highland Tullibardine 1988 + Apricot Lavender Chocolate
Glenfiddich 18 + Mango Peppercorn
Glenfiddich 18 + Apricot Lavender
Scotch Whisky (any) + solid semisweet chocolate 

Do you have a favourite pairing? Let us know!

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