How To Pair Chocolate and Tequila

Chocolate is terrific with tequila. Any type of tequila will do — an unaged blanco, a well-aged extra añejo, or anything in between. Just don't be a Gringo and drink it all in one gulp — you're supposed to SIP tequila, not chug it.

Dark Chocolates is a natural, as is chocolate with fruity flavors—such as cherry or strawberry ganache fillings. Mint chocolate and tequila are also a classic pairing, with the bright, grassy heat of the tequila emphasizing the coolness of the mint. Chocolates that have notes of cayenne pepper, cinnamon, or both can also pair well with tequila. Our Cinnamon chocolate, our Cognac chocolate, and our Mint Leaf chocolate were real winners when enjoyed with tequila. Spicy and sweet dark chocolate Rosemary Fusion is also excellent with tequila, as is our Dark Chocolate and Habanero Sea Salt bar.

Whether its non-alcoholic or spirited, we think you'll be surprised that Margaritas are delicious with chocolate too! We paired a bite of our Cinnamon chocolate with a l'il sip of our lime-and-salt-rimmed tequila Margarita and it was amazing how the lime emphasized the cinnamon and caused a little heat to linger in our mouths. We also took a bite of the Cognac and - wow - did the Margarita ever emphasize the fruity cocoa flavour of the chocolate! Other chocolates that are amazing with tequila are Mint Leaf.