Custom Copper Boxes and Gift Baskets

Dark chocolate only? Milk chocolate and nothing but milk chocolate? Maybe you're nuts for nuts? So, why not get exactly what you want with a custom Copper Box? At Cococo, we can customize a beautiful chocolate copper box just for you or someone you care about. All our chocolate is top-quality, making it a real treat for your tastebuds! Learn more about these gift boxes in the below information. 

Most people like to make their custom selections by visiting their local Cococo retail store and shopping the 50+ bonbons in our chocolate case. If that doesn't work for you, please contact us by email at, and please consult our Cococo Chocolates Menu to view our available chocolates. We’re happy to answer with any questions you have about our custom copper chocolate boxes to ensure you get the exact product you want.

 We offer custom copper boxes in the following sizes:

  • 165 g box - holds about 18 pieces depending on size and weight of selected chocolates. 
  • 212 g box  - holds about 24 pieces depending on size and weight of selected chocolates. 
  • 330 g box  - holds about 36 pieces depending on size and weight of selected chocolates. 
  • 447 g box - holds about 48 pieces depending on size and weight of selected chocolates. 
  • 565 g box - holds about 62 pieces depending on size and weight of selected chocolates. 

What's the difference between a prepackaged copper box and a custom one?

We assemble our prepackaged selections of copper boxes in our Calgary chocolate factory. You can count on our prepackaged copper boxes to offer a delicious variety of flavours, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, pralines, caramels, and ganaches. 

With a custom box, you pick out the exact chocolates inside of it. This can be a perfect option if you have certain flavours in mind or want to gift the recipient a copper box packed with chocolates you know they love most.

What kinds of chocolates do you have?

Please consult our Cococo Chocolates Menu and then contact us with your selection at

Allergens and Food Sensitivity information for all of our chocolate products 


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Why Choose Cocoa Community Confections ?

The Cococo chocolate team handcrafts confections locally in our Mayland Heights chocolate factory in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We use simple ingredients, no artificial preservatives, and only delicious sustainable, fair trade couverture chocolate made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and cocoa butter — commodities fully traceable along the supply chain — to promote positive change for farming communities in West Africa.

Learn more about our company and find out if Cococo's values reflect yours.


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