Cocoa Sourcing

Cococo Chocolatiers uses only certified and fair trade couverture chocolate made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and cocoa butter to help drive positive change for farm communities in West Africa. We handcraft our delicious chocolate treats in Calgary with simple ingredients, no artificial preservatives, and no palm oil.

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Cocoa Sustainability

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Couverture?

Simply put, couverture chocolate is the best quality chocolate, the type of chocolate that professional pastry chefs and artisan chocolatiers use. Couverture is made with added cocoa butter - fat derived entirely from the cocoa bean - and it's this extra cocoa butter that improves taste, texture and mouthfeel because it melts at below body temperature. Cocoa butter is also amazing because it is the only vegetable fat that is solid at room temperature but liquid at body temperature, which is the reason why real chocolate literally melts in your mouth (and your oven). It also makes tempering necessary. 

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