Cococo Chocolatiers building

About Cococo

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we are expert manufacturers and retailers of award-winning artisanal chocolates and purveyors of fine cocoa confectionery including Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut ® products. Cococo Chocolatiers is capable of manufacturing and co-packing virtually any product containing chocolate as a primary or defining ingredient.

We strive to be sustainable and environmental in our practices—we only use couverture chocolate made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and cocoa butter, both traceable and fairly traded, which helps drive positive change for West African farming communities. Cococo is also an active member in the World Cocoa Foundation and an original signatory of the Cocoa & Forests Initiative (CFI) to help prevent deforestation in cocoa growing regions. Read Cococo's 2019 Cocoa & Forests Initiative action.

The World Cocoa Foundation has several excellent educational videos about how the Cocoa & Forests Initiative is working to cause change in the cocoa sector.


What does Cococo mean?

Understanding the meaning of the Cococo name is simple. Co means together. Together in cocoa, together in community, together in confections. So what does Cococo mean? It means Chocolate Together. And what about the icon in our logo? Some people think it's a flower or a paw print, and that's fine with us. But it really represents a cross-section of a cocoa pod, shown below. Learn more about our company values here.


We're Makers

We are confectioners, and our business is confectionery — we make things out of couverture chocolate. Our incredible team of chocolatiers makes over 80 different recipes in our factory kitchen, many by hand, using simple ingredients like real cream and butter, our own unique couverture chocolate, and no artificial preservatives — ever.

Cococo's Vision and Values

Chocolate Sustainability