Our Guarantee - lost or damaged goods

Please Note: Cococo Chocolatiers is not responsible for shipping delays and/or delivery issues including loss, theft, breakage, and/or damage causedĀ by third parties like FedEx, local couriers, or Canada Post.

Our product is made with no artificial preservatives and is a perishable, temperature-sensitive product.

We take great joy andĀ care in making chocolates for you and the lucky recipient to whom you send our product. AllĀ chocolate products are guaranteed to be in good condition before leaving our care.

What do I do if my package is damaged?

If your order is damaged or lost during transit by FedEx, we would like to know about it. Please send us an email at CustomerService@CococoInc.com with your order number and we will help track your orderĀ andĀ contact FedEx with your shipping complaint for resolution.

If your order is damaged during shipping pleaseĀ send us an email within 5 day of delivery at CustomerService@CococoInc.com providing photographs of theĀ product and savingĀ all packaging materials and damaged goods until the investigation is concluded.

What do I do if the chocolate productĀ doesn't meet my expectations?

If you feel your chocolateĀ is in some way disappointing,Ā pleaseĀ send us an email within 5 days of purchase toĀ CustomerService@CococoInc.comĀ telling us where and when you purchased, providing photographs of theĀ product, and savingĀ all packaging materials for our investigation.Ā We will be happy to send you a replacement chocolate product.

In rare circumstances where the best resolution is a refund, the customer must returnĀ the product to us at the address belowĀ before a full refund will be issued:
2320 2nd Avenue SE
Calgary AB Canada
T2E 6J9