Pairing Fruit Forward Chocolates with Wine and Beer

Create Your Own Pairing Experiences

What we love about pairing chocolates with wine or beer (or scotch, or sake, or tea, or cheese...we could go on) is that the flavour combinations can be so stunning and so interesting that a small amount can be utterly satisfying.

Buy Only The Chocolate You Want

Did you know you can shop our in-store Chocolate Case and pick up just the chocolates you want without committing to a whole box or collection? It's true. This way you can curate your own mindful tasting experience. Case in point, below.

Fruit Forward Pairings

The sommeliers at Vine Styles in Calgary selected 4 fruit-forward chocolates from our Chocolate Case and paired them in interesting ways.
Start with these four chocolates (you will find them year 'round in our retail stores' Chocolate Case):
1. Ruby Raspberry Caramel
2. Ruby Raspberry Meringue
3. Coconut Soft Caramel
4. Manon White Chocolate

Pair these four fruity, sweeter chocolates with:

1. A fruit-forward Pinot Noir, like Devona Freedom Hills Pinot Noir from Oregon.


2. An old-world fruity/nutty Chianti like Castello de Barolio 2011 Vin Santo.

3. Sparkling wine like Gustavo Lorentz, Crémant d’Alsace

4. Beer - YES BEER - Ravens Brewing Company's Passionfruit Session Sour & Cannery Brewing's Sunblink Berry Sour go beautifully with the juicy Ruby Raspberry Meringue & Passion Fruit Caramel chocolates.

You’ll see that fruity flavours of the bonbons will compliment each of the recommended wines and beers differently and will offer a complexity of flavours that will linger on your palate and keep you smiling long after the pairing is over.
You and your bubble-mate can keep it mindful by cutting the chocolates in half and keeping to a small tasting glass each. Or not. 😉
Let us know what you think!