Guinness (and chocolate) is good for you!

We're all used to wine and chocolate pairings, but beer and chocolate? YES! We will raise our glass to those kinds of pairings!

Dark chocolate, caramel, and coffee flavours are already in Guinness, so pairing with these flavours is natural. But consider this: a frothy glass of Guinness activates 4 of the 5 taste senses in our mouth – sweet, sour, savoury, and bitter. So it makes sense that it would also go well with the remaining taste sense - salty.

In honour of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland where Guinness has been brewed since 1759, we suggest the following pairings with Guinness (or local Stout):

Solid dark chocolate bars

Solid dark chocolate bar
Solid extra-dark bittersweet bar
Solid Semisweet bar with Habanero Sea Salt - 🌶 
Solid Semisweet bar with Almonds
Solid Semisweet bar with Hazelnuts
Solid Semisweet bar with Caramel


Dark chocolate sea salt caramel
Milk chocolate sea salt caramel

These items above can be bought in packages online, or by the piece in our retail stores.

Chocolates only available in our chocolate cases at our retail stores:
These chocolates have nut, caramel, and/or coffee flavours which will go beautifully with Guinness or Stout:
Coffee Caramel and Cream (International Chocolate Award winner, 2019)
Dark Chocolate Pralines (seasonal)
Milk Chocolate Pralines (seasonal)

Let us know what you think! Are there any other chocolate pairings you enjoy with Guinness or Stout?

Sláinte from Cococo Chocolatiers ✌️🍀