The Best Chocolate Truffle Flavours

Have you ever tasted anything as creamy, rich, and satisfying as a chocolate truffle? Many people regard them as a decadent delicacy, saving them only for special occasions or as gifts because they are truly valued and appreciated.

There are many types of truffles to enjoy so this article explores the best chocolate truffle flavours and even includes a few favourite recipes. To truly appreciate these decadent delicacies, let’s first delve into the truffle’s chocolatey history.

What is a Truffle? 

The word “truffle” is Latin for “lump”. You may have heard of truffles found naturally in the ground. They're a rare type of mushroom that can sometimes be found throughout Europe, Northern Africa and recently in Australia and New Zealand. Rare black truffles for example only grow under hazelnut trees in the Perigord region of France. 

Truffles are hard to find because they grow underground, however, dogs and pigs can be trained to find them. Still, certain types of truffles are so rare, they’re only available on the black market. In 2010, casino tycoon Stanley Ho spent $330,000 USD on two truffles that weighed 2.9 pounds.

What is a CHOCOLATE Truffle? 

The original chocolate truffle got its name because they were made into lumps, resembling real truffles. They were always delicious but have been a little more refined to make a truly special treat. Now with chocolatiers developing new recipes all the time, we have many types of chocolate truffles available to us to enjoy or make at home ourselves.

Champagne Truffles

These truly are the ultimate delicacy. We’ve included the recipe for Champagne Truffles here to make with your favourite champagne or sparkling wine. A batch of 50 takes no more than an hour of your time, but you do need to refrigerate them for at least four hours (preferably overnight). The only ingredients you need are heavy whipping cream, bittersweet couverture chocolate, Dutch-process cocoa powder, superfine sugar, and of course, some bubbly.

Scotch Truffles

Yup, scotch truffles are made from scotch! Plus semisweet chocolate, whipping cream and cocoa powder. They create a surprising rich taste and you don’t have to be a scotch lover to appreciate them (though that helps). If making for yourself or someone you know who loves scotch, then use the full amount of scotch that’s recommended (about four tablespoons for two dozen). If they’re for guests, then you can ease off of the scotch to create a mild flavour that when mixed with the chocolate is truly mouthwatering. Check out the Scotch Truffles recipe here.

Other Flavours to Experiment With

Truffles are as versatile as chocolate. Think of all the chocolates and chocolate bars you’ve tasted in your lifetime; so many unique combinations that you can turn into your own delicacies.

  • COCONUT: Truffles made with coconut can be the most difficult to make, simply because they need a few more ingredients to round out the flavour such as coconut milk and glucose syrup. The chewy texture of the coconut makes it well worth it though when combined with a creamy truffle.
  • ORANGE: These don’t require a lot of work or ingredients but do need time. Four-five oranges are required for two dozen truffles and the orange ganache you make for them needs to be frozen overnight first, before you drop them in the chocolate for coating. What’s nice is that both white and dark chocolate can be used.
  • PEANUT BUTTER: A classic partner with chocolate, peanut butter brings a nice salty flavouring to your truffles. You can use smooth or crunchy, some people even like to mix jam in for a burst of flavour. 

As you’ve learned, chocolate truffles are unique and rich as you’d like them to be. If it’s your first time making them, try this base recipe for Cococo’s Best Chocolate Truffles. This gives you an idea of how they’re made and how tasty they are on their own. Then start adding some of your favourite ingredients for variety. 

What's your favourite truffle recipe? Let us know!