Make Your Own New Year's Eve Party

We all want to keep ourselves and our families safe right now, but we also want to celebrate life's milestones, like New Year's Eve. You can still celebrate — make your own party in your own home!

Here are our suggestions for in-home celebrations.


Pairing Chocolate with Prosecco or Champagne 

We know pairing chocolate with sparkling wine (like Prosecco, Cava, Champagne, and Moscato) can be a little tricky. The typical dry sparkling can really work against the sweet, fatty profile of couverture white and milk chocolate and that can be really disappointing on the tongue.

The best flavour experiences between sparkling wine and chocolates will be with off-dry (demi-sec or doux) bubbly, something with 10% or less alcohol per volume. Did you know that less alcohol content means higher sugar content, and a sweeter wine? Look at the alcohol content on the bottle — the lower the number the sweeter the wine. White chocolate partners beautifully with sweet sparkling Moscato d'Asti, and even late harvest sparkling Rieslings, while milk chocolate is a bit more versatile and can handle slightly less sweet sparkling wines.

Since we are confectioners, what we think is really cool is pairing drinks or food with our bonbons because the characteristics of the wine interact with both the taste of the chocolate but also the flavours and textures of the fillings.

Chocolate pairing with sparkling wine or Prosecco

Passion Fruit Caramel (passion fruit caramel enrobed in white chocolate)
Strawberry (milk chocolate and strawberry fresh cream)
Sea Salt Caramel in Milk Chocolate (buttery caramel covered in milk chocolate with a sprinkle of fleur de sel)
Ruby Raspberry Meringue  

These products are available online and in our retail stores and will be delicious with sweet sparkling wine:

Solid Ruby couverture bar – 23 g
Solid white chocolate bar – 56 g
Sea Salt Caramels collection
Ruby Raspberry Sea Salt Caramels collection 


How to Assemble 3 kinds of Chocolate Charcuterie Board 
Charcuterie Board with Rosemary Fusion milk chocolate 

We infuse our delicious sustainable and fair trade couverture milk chocolate with rosemary and thyme, then hand-finish each bar with spicy habanero sea salt. The result is savoury: creamy sweet, boldly spicy, and subtly herbal.

On a plate or cutting board, assemble the following:
Rosemary Fusion bar, broken into pieces
Brie, Gouda, and/or Camembert cheese
Cashew nuts, Macadamia, and/or Brazil nuts
Baguette slices or mild crackers

We recommend this magic bite: a piece of Rosemary Fusion chocolate topped with Brie and wrapped with Prosciutto.

Suggested wine pairings - Lillet, Moscato, semi-dry Rieslings, light bodied reds
Suggested beer pairings - Fruity beer

Charcuterie Board with Oregano Fusion dark chocolate  

We infuse our delicious sustainable and fair trade couverture semisweet chocolate with the earthy flavours of oregano and sage, then hand-finish each bar with spicy habanero sea salt. The result is savoury: boldly dark, daringly spicy, and aromatically herbal.

On a plate or cutting board, assemble the following:
Oregano Fusion bar, broken into pieces
Strongly flavoured cured meats like Salami, Capicollo, Mocetta
Bold cheeses like blue cheese, old cheddar, Emmental
Cashew nuts, pecans, and/or Macademia nuts
Baguette slices or mild crackers

We recommend this magic bite: a piece of Oregano Fusion chocolate topped with a slice of old cheddar and wrapped in a piece of salami.

Suggested wine pairings - fruity reds (Malbec, Syrah, Brouilly, Beaujolais, Zinfandel; floral citrus and herbal whites (Chardonnay, Sémillion, Pinot Gris, Riesling)
Spirits: Vermouth

Suggested beer pairings - Pilsner, pale ale, stout

Charcuterie Board with Dill Fusion white chocolate 

We infuse our milky smooth sustainable and fair trade couverture white chocolate with the unexpected flavour of fresh dill, then hand-finish each bar with blue cheese infused sea salt. The result is food forward: creamy, savoury, and subtly herbal.

On a plate or cutting board, assemble the following:
Dill Fusion bar, broken into pieces
Mildly sweet meats like honey or maple cured hams, liver paté, or smoked salmon or other smoked fish
Mild cheeses like Gouda, Gruyere, Aged Cheddar and Parmesan
Savory accessories like Gherkins, salted nuts, grapes, and dried fruits (especially blueberries, cranberries, and other tangy varieties) 
Baguette slices or mild crackers
Dill pickle potato chips — no kidding!

We recommend this magic bite: a piece of Dill Fusion chocolate topped with a piece of honey ham and a dill pickle potato chip or gherkin.

Suggested wine pairings - Oaked Chardonnay, Riesling, Malbec, Muscato, Sherry, Fortified Wines, Vidal Icewine
Spirits: lemon vodka, lemon gin

Suggested beer pairings - Scotch Ale, Guinness, Fruit Beer (such as apricot, lemon, or lime).

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