Perfect Chocolate Pairings with Prosecco

Who loves sparkling wine with chocolate? We do! 

We know pairing chocolate with sparkling wine (like Prosecco, Cava, Champagne, and Moscato) can be a little tricky. The typical dry sparkling can really work against the sweet, fatty profile of couverture white and milk chocolate and that can be really disappointing on the tongue.

The best flavour experiences between sparkling wine and chocolates will be with off-dry (demi-sec or doux) bubbly, something with 10% or less alcohol per volume. Did you know that less alcohol content means higher sugar content, and a sweeter wine? Look at the alcohol content on the bottle — the lower the number the sweeter the wine. White chocolate partners beautifully with sweet sparkling Moscato d'Asti, and even late harvest sparkling Rieslings, while milk chocolate is a bit more versatile and can handle slightly less sweet sparkling wines.

Since we are confectioners, we think it's really cool to pair drinks and food with our award-winning bonbons — the chocolates we handcraft in our Calgary chocolate factory, put into our classic Copper Ballotins, and display in the chocolate counters in our retail stores. This is because the characteristics of the wine interact with both the taste of the chocolate but also the flavours and textures of the fillings.

When you shop our retail stores, you can choose your own chocolates according to your own needs and desires. Want only two? No problem? Looking for something in milk or white to pair with sparkling wine? We can do that.

Chocolate pairing with sparkling wine or Prosecco

These are available in our retail stores in our Chocolate Case:

Passion Fruit Caramelwe just won an International Chocolate Award for this one
Milk Chocolate and Raspberry Fresh Cream Heart – only available for Valentines
White Chocolate and Marionberry Fresh Cream Heart – only available for Valentines

Dark Chocolate and Passionfruit Fresh Cream Heart – only available for Valentines
Strawberry (milk chocolate and strawberry fresh cream)
Sea Salt Caramel in Milk Chocolate
Ruby Raspberry Meringue  

These products are available online and in our retail stores and will be delicious with sweet sparkling wine:

Solid Ruby couverture bar – 23 g
Solid white chocolate bar – 56 g
Sea Salt Caramels collection
Ruby Raspberry Sea Salt Caramels collection 
Heart to Heart Collection (seasonal)

Do you have any favourite chocolate pairings with sparkling wine? Let us know!