Spicy Chocolate And Beer - YUM!

There is something delightful about the flavour interplay between chocolate and spice. The Aztecs knew all about it — they added chili peppers to their cacao drink thousands of years ago, and that's a tradition carried forward by many chefs and chocolatiers since. 

Beer and chocolate have more in common than you may think — did you know that the creation of both delicious favourites involve roasting and fermenting? Cocoa beans are fermented in the sun to start developing their flavours, and then the beans are then roasted in order to develop complex flavours. Barley is converted to malt by steeping, germinating, and then roasting to give distinct colour, flavour, and aroma. Although beer and chocolate are not two items typically associated together, the earthy flavours of chocolate can make for delicious flavour combinations with various types of beer.

As luck would have it, one of the most delicious pairings we've found is our spicy chocolate and beer. We love pairing beer with our spicy bars which we make in our Calgary chocolate factory using our proprietary couverture chocolate, made with fairly traded and sustainable cocoa, and Habanero Chili infused sea salt. The combination of sweet creamy chocolate and spicy salt does wonderful things on the palate — the salt intensifies the sweet, and the creaminess of the chocolate calms the spice. 

A cool lager or pale ale beer pairs beautifully with 
Milk Chocolate Habanero Sea Salt Chocolate Bar 
Rosemary Fusion

Darker beer like strong ale, stout, or porter will taste delicious with
Dark Chocolate Habanero Sea Salt Chocolate Bar
Oregano Fusion