What makes Cococo's chocolate so special?

If you've tasted our chocolate you know it's special because it's so delicious and creamy in your mouth. But there's more to it than that. The most important  reason is that the our chocolate is couverture. Simply put, couverture chocolate is the highest quality of chocolate, the top 2% of all chocolate made, and it's the only kind of chocolate that professional pastry chefs and artisan chocolatiers use.

Couverture chocolate is real chocolate, the finest quality of chocolate that is made with extra added cocoa butter, which is fat entirely derived from the cocoa bean. 

All that extra cocoa butter improves the taste, texture and mouthfeel of couverture chocolate, because cocoa butter melts at below body temperature. Cocoa butter is amazing because it is the only vegetable fat that is solid at room temperature but liquid at body temperature, which is the reason why real chocolate literally melts in your mouth (and your oven).

Cocoa butter is the most expensive ingredient in chocolate. This is why couverture chocolate is generally more expensive than other types of chocolate because it contains a lot of cocoa butter.

As a fat, cocoa butter is simply incredible — it has a crystalline structure that is polymorphic, which means the fat crystals in the cocoa butter behave differently at different temperatures. This is why couverture chocolate needs to be tempered.

What is tempering?  

Tempering is an essential step when using couverture chocolate for making a smooth, glossy, and evenly coloured coating with a good snap for dipping or decorating bonbons.

If you'd like to try your hand at tempering chocolate, then read our guide How to Temper Chocolate Using the Microwave.

What makes Cococo chocolate so special?

First, each of our chocolate types (bittersweet, semisweet, milk, and white) are couverture, absolutely delicious, and perfectly balanced with a silky smooth mouthfeel.

Second, our chocolate is proprietary — which means it is made only for us. You can only buy our particular recipes of chocolate from Cococo online or in our retail stores. We do not sell our bulk chocolate in grocery stores or bulk stores.

Third, our chocolate is fairly traded and sustainable. Cococo Chocolatiers uses only certified sustainable and fair trade couverture chocolate made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and cocoa butter to help drive positive change for farm communities in West Africa. 


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