Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Try Vegan Chocolate

Are you a chocolate lover looking for an alternative to the traditional treat that’s just as delicious but doesn’t directly include animal products? Vegan chocolate is a tasty option that’s been increasing in popularity over the last few years. It also offers health benefits and is a versatile ingredient. Read on to learn why you shouldn’t wait to try vegan chocolate if you’re on the fence about it.

It’s Delicious

Vegan chocolate is a delicious alternative to animal-based products. Even individuals passionate about chocolate find vegan alternatives just as satisfying as traditional options. Plus, a range of unique flavours is available, including dark chocolate hazelnut, mint chocolate, and even vegan white chocolate! Moreover, our vegan chocolate will taste extra delicious as it contains top-quality, plant-based ingredients, such as our sustainable couverture semisweet chocolate.

Pro Tip

Keep in mind that vegan-friendly and vegan-certified chocolates are different. While both taste amazing, vegan-friendly chocolate may contain minimal traces of animal products—such as milk—since manufacturers produce it in the same factory as traditional chocolates. On the other hand, manufacturers create vegan-certified chocolate in a separate facility. 

It’s Often Healthier

Often, vegan-friendly chocolate is dark chocolate since it doesn’t directly contain milk or other animal products. As a result, this tasty treat holds many of the same health benefits as traditional dark chocolate, including fewer additives and sugar when compared to other chocolate flavours. Dark chocolate even contains polyphenolic compounds that can boost our mood, so it’s not just chocolate’s creamy smoothness that makes us smile when we eat it.

You Can Bake With It

Looking for another reason you shouldn’t wait to try vegan chocolate? You can easily use vegan chocolate in baking recipes just as you would with traditional chocolate drops or bars, making it a versatile ingredient to use in various chocolatey treats.

Vegan chocolate adds sweetness and indulgence to your baked goods, whether you’re making cookies, brownies, or cakes. You can use vegan chocolate bars as a direct substitute for traditional chocolate in any culinary creation you dream up.

Shop at Cococo

Now that you have three mouthwatering reasons to try vegan chocolate, what are you waiting for? Cococo sells various options for couverture vegan-friendly chocolate that you’re sure to love! Stock up as you explore the delicious world of gourmet vegan chocolates. You can also check out our chocolate recipe blog for some inspiration on the delicacies you can bake. Give your tastebuds the treat they deserve!