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Corporate Gifting

Chocolate is a gift everyone loves to receive. And when it’s delicious, locally made bonbons crafted with sustainable couverture chocolate containing Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and cocoa butter, simple ingredients, no artificial preservatives, well — that’s something pretty special. Gifts can say a lot about your business, and they can make the people you care about feel pretty special.

Make a positive impact with your business — let us assist you in creating custom chocolate gifts that show your special customers, teams, and loved ones that you believe they deserve the very best.

We can:
• Design custom hang tags, bar wraps or box sleeves
• Include personalized messaging and/or your business card with each gift
• Arrange express delivery across North America

'Tis the season to eat chocolate

Volume Discounts

For large orders with multiple ship-to locations, we are sometimes able to offer volume discounts. Please contact us by email at to discuss.



Are you getting married? We want to help make your special day an event to remember.

Our fine chocolates reflect the elegance and uniqueness of your special day. Choose your favourite chocolates in classic copper boxes, or select a variety of delicious chocolate treats for the reception sweets table. Browse through our 2022 Wedding Look Book to see what we have to offer.




Custom Copper Boxes and Gift Baskets

We can customize a beautiful copper box of chocolates just for you or someone you care about. Please consult our Cococo Chocolates Menu to view our selections. 

Custom packaging is available for the following sizes of copper boxes. Please note: custom boxes are sold by WEIGHT, not by the number of chocolate pieces inside the box, $21.00 CAD per 100g.

165 g box - holds about 18 pieces depending on size and weight of selected chocolates. 
212 g box  - holds about 24 pieces depending on size and weight of selected chocolates. Sold by weight, not per piece.
330 g box  - holds about 36 pieces depending on size and weight of selected chocolates. Sold by weight, not per piece.
447 g box - holds about 48 pieces depending on size and weight of selected chocolates. Sold by weight, not per piece.
565 g box - holds about 62 pieces depending on size and weight of selected chocolates. Sold by weight, not per piece.

Why does Cococo sell custom copper boxes by weight?

We sell our custom boxes by weight because we think it's fairer to our customers. Some of our handcrafted chocolates weigh less than others - for example, the chocolate covered Toffee chocolate weights about 7g (which costs you about $1.47), but the Apricot Lavender chocolate weighs about 12g (which would be about $2.52).

What's the difference between a prepackaged copper box and a custom one?

When we create our prepackaged selections of copper boxes in our Calgary chocolate factory, we have already considered and accounted for the differing sizes and weights of our chocolates; that is why our prepackaged selections have set prices; we can count on them being roughly the same weight, and fit into the appropriately sized box, every time.

What kinds of chocolates do you have?

Please consult our Cococo Chocolates Menu and then contact us with your selection at

Allergens and Food Sensitivity information for all of our chocolate products 

Gift Baskets

We are also make beautiful Gift Baskets, Bridesmaids Baskets, and Groomsmen Baskets. You can choose from a $100 Cococo Chocolate Gift Basket or a $200 Cococo Chocolate Gift Basket or you can call us at to arrange for a custom gift basket.

Why Choose Cocoa Community Confections Inc.?

The Cococo chocolate team handcrafts confections locally in our Mayland Heights chocolate factory in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We use simple ingredients, no artificial preservatives, and only delicious sustainable, fair trade couverture chocolate made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and cocoa butter — commodities fully traceable along the supply chain — to promote positive change for farming communities in West Africa.

Learn more about our company and find out if Cococo's values reflect yours.

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Show employees, teams, special customers, and other important people in your life that they deserve the very best. Contact us by email at or through the e-form below and we'll be happy to work with you to find the right solution.

Let us help you

We are ready to handle your corporate or custom chocolate order however big or small. Simply email us with the details at , or use the e-form below, and we will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for choosing Cococo!