Last updated September 3, 2021

Our food manufacturing facility and our retail outlets remain open, operating with significant modifications and restrictions in accordance with all government mandated rules and regulations. 


At this time of pandemic, we are abiding by the prescriptions and recommendations of competent authorities where we operate. They are the ones who are making the difficult public policy decisions about how best to manage (mitigate or suppress) the pandemic in our particular part of the world, given our particular set of facts.  In Alberta, this principally means the provincial government at this time.

There are other factors unique to our particular business that also influence what we do:

  • What workplace health and safety requires at each of our business locations.
  • What our team members want and choose to do, day by day.
  • What other stakeholders are saying and doing that affects us (for example, customers and multi-tenant landlords).

Whether we are open or not at any particular time, and how we operate if we’re open, will therefore reflect, first, our strict compliance with the prescriptions and recommendations of competent authorities, and then second (and overlapping with that first requirement for compliance), our best judgment about workplace health and safety, about what our team members want and choose to do, and about what other stakeholders are saying and doing.

In Alberta, in light of the original Public Health Order announced March 27, 2020, we have carefully analyzed the new rules as they apply to our business and apply them as a baseline protocol of operations.  A copy of our analysis can be viewed here.

A copy of our Occupational Health and Safety Contact Report dated May 8, 2020 can be viewed here


Cococo operates a highly-regulated food manufacturing and food distribution business. In addition to us being in the business of making chocolate memories and experiences, therefore, it has always been true for us that, first and foremost, we must be in the business of being careful and clean and traceable. Our food safety protocols are well established for that reason, and they are a solid base from which we can respond today.


All of the COVID-19 Basics—words and phrases that have very quickly become part of our shared pandemic language—are in place at our locations.  Our employees:

wear face masks at all times on company property
practice physical distancing 
wash hands often
cover coughs and sneezes
avoid touching their faces

come to work if sick

For all of our team members we respect: 

  1. The option to work from home if the job is one that can be done remotely.
  2. The option to adjust work hours.
  3. Parental leaves.
  4. Sick leaves.
  5. All other leaves of absence recognized by the Employment Standards Code.


  1. OPEN: our online fulfillment centre and all corporately-owned retail stores.
    Chocolate Factory location in Mayland Heights at 2320 2nd Avenue SE Calgary AB 
    Victoria BC Broadmead location at #520, 777 Royal Oak Drive, Victoria BC - phone orders only 250-744-1596

    Operational adjustments at open work sites include:

    • Significantly reduced hours, including to avoid staff overlap.
    • Physical distancing protocols for meetings and manufacturing.
    • Mandated mask wearing by all staff in the factory and in public work spaces.
    • Touchless pickup and delivery.
    • Contact tracing forms for all staff.
    • A cleaning protocol which requires cleaning of hard-surface high-touch surfaces, three times per day.
    • Very frequent handwashing by staff.
    • Fresh gloves must be used by employees before and after picking and filling online orders.
    • No product sampling.

    In our Calgary chocolate factory and administrative office:

    • All factory tours have been suspended until further notice.
    • Mandatory mask wearing and hand sanitizing for everyone as they enter the building.
    • Contact tracing forms filled out daily by our team and all visitors.
    • Very frequent handwashing and temperature monitoring for team members is required (in addition to our usual protocols of hair nets, beard nets, clean work coats, and automated shoe scrubbers / sanitizers).
    • Mandatory glove use for all factory team members.
    • An extra cleaning protocol requires cleaning of hard-surface high-touch surfaces, three times per day, in addition to our standard daily sanitization protocols.
    • Factory shifts have been split to reduce congregation.
    • Social distancing is mandated, both within the factory and in staff common areas.
    • Work at home when possible.


    Like so many others, we are working hard to stay informed, and based upon what we know, we will do our best to update our communications. Our first priority will always be to make and implement required operational decisions. People first.

    Whatever else we do, though, we will continue to do our best to support our customers, our staff, and our local communities in a calm and steady manner. Our business was destroyed in the Calgary floods of 2013. This is a different crisis than that one was, but living through any crisis teaches the value of good citizenship and teamwork.

    Especially in those circumstances, I’m grateful that people in authority in our great country—experts and dedicated public servants—are today the ones who are working hard to “weigh lives against livelihoods” for the benefit of us all, including because:  how could I possibly know the right answers (the best predictions) myself, except by listening to them? I find it comforting today to focus simply upon doing really well what we have been asked to do, and not to speculate about nor implement things we haven’t yet been asked to do. It’s a good time to play follow the leader. We’re doing our best.

    And lastly don’t forget: social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing. Please take care of yourself, be kind to each other, and look in on your neighbours from time to time.

    Clean Hands, Open Mind, and Loving Heart
    (and Chocolate Together, just a little further apart).

    Brian Beck, President
    Cococo Chocolatiers