Peanut Butter S'mores



  1. Assemble your ingredients. 
  2. Break or cut the Milk Chocolate Bar with Peanut Butter into pieces along the bar's own score lines. Set aside.
  3. Eat a piece of chocolate — you know, just to "test it out".
  4. Remove the Graham Crackers and break them into the desired sizes.
  5. Carefully pierce the marshmallow on the roasting stick and roast until golden and melted inside. For best flavour, be careful not to allow the marshmallow burn.
  6. Gently slide the roasted marshmallow onto a Graham Cracker. Place the Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter piece on the hot marshmallow. Top with another Graham Cracker. Press together and hold for several seconds, giving the warm marshmallow time to melt the chocolate piece.
  7. Lick your fingers.
  8. Lick your lips, and dig in! 

Variation: For Caramel Chocolate S'mores you can use our 56g Dark Chocolate with Caramel Bar.


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