Cococo focuses our charitable giving on 

Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women


The Calgary Food Bank

Please consider supporting these worthy charities via the secure donation website


 Calgary Food Bank:


Chocolate Together

Cococo's name, short for Cocoa Community Confections, Inc.,  means Chocolate Together, and one of our core values is community. We have been supporting impactful community organizations since 2011, and since that time we have donated more than $100,000 worth of chocolate to benefit the people and programs of organizations big and small. 

Our Focus

At this time, Cococo choses to direct the majority of our charitable efforts to Alcove Recovery for Women and the Calgary Food Bank. 

For more than forty years, Alcove Recovery for Women has been helping women turn their lives around and break the cycle of addictions, abuse and mental health distress. Alcove serves women by providing gender-specific, trauma-informed treatment for individuals and families and is the only residential addiction treatment centre that allows women to continue their journey to sobriety with their children. Statistics show that women are 50% more likely to recover from addiction if they have their children with them.

Community Support

We focus our giving towards charities that specifically support children and women's health and educational programs.  If your request is not aligned with our giving focus, you may still apply, however the chances of the donation being accepted are less likely. 

Our decision to support women and children's charity programs in our local markets links to our strong commitment to sustainability practices in West Africa, specifically where cocoa sustainability practices have a positive impact upon challenges many women and children face there, relating to poverty and child labour. There are more than 2 million small family farms in West Africa, many of them owned and farmed by women.

• We support our local communities, our stores, and our employees.
• We give preference towards registered charities that specifically support women and children.
• We support local registered charities whose impact is measurable and as immediate as possible.
• We only consider requests that have been received in a timely manner (30 days in advance of event)

How to Apply

  1. Download to your desktop our Acrobat PDF donation request form 
  2. Complete the fields on the form, and then save the file to your desktop.
  3. Send an email to us at explaining your request and attach the donation request to your email. If possible, please provide us with supporting documents to help us make impactful decisions. 
  4. Due to the volume of requests we receive, only successful applicants will be contacted.