Five reasons to choose chocolate wedding favours

Wedding favours are small gifts given as gestures of appreciation or gratitude by the bride and groom to their wedding guests.

The tradition of giving wedding favours is hundreds of years old. It is believed that the first wedding favour, common amongst European aristocrats, was known as a bonbonniere. A bonbonniere was a small trinket box containing sugar cubes, sugared almonds, or delicate confections symbolizing wealth and royalty.

Today, gifts to guests – wedding favours – are shared by cultures worldwide. Many brides and grooms provide their guests with wedding favours at the reception as a thank-you for sharing their special day with them. 

These five reasons will highlight why we think chocolate wedding favours might be the best choice for your wedding.

1. Everyone loves chocolate

Edible favours are a wedding trend that’s only increasing in popularity. Most people adore good chocolate, even if only in small quantities. It’s hard to say no to our famously delicious and award-winning chocolates.

2. Chocolate goes well with all themes

The great thing about food gifts is that they’re versatile. It doesn’t matter if you’re organizing an informal garden reception, a country wedding, or something more formal, chocolate wedding favours can be easily tied into practically any wedding theme with the right colour ribbon or a customized hang tag. Consider our chocolate lollipops, mini boxes of chocolates, or unique wedding chocolate bars with personalized wrappers. Self-serve sweets tables are also increasing in popularity.

3. Chocolate is versatile

Beyond the usual milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate, you can choose different flavours to make your chocolate gifts unique and personal to the bride and groom. Cococo offers more than 50 delicious and award-winning chocolate bonbons to choose from, like Ruby Sea Salt Caramel, Mint Leaf, nut-covered Medallion, Chocolate-covered Orange Peels to name a few.

4. Chocolate is affordable

Chocolate wedding favours are an affordable yet elegant gift. A few beautiful bonbons, tasty truffles, pretty pralines in a cute mini-2 gift box won’t cost a fortune but will be a mouth-watering addition to your dining tables.

5. Chocolate makes us feel good

Research shows that when you eat chocolate it triggers the release of endorphins – so-called happy hormones – in your brain. Providing your friends and family with a chocolate gift might just mean you’ll have happier guests ready to get up and dance!

Let us help

Cococo's fine chocolates reflect the elegance and uniqueness of your special day. View the Cococo Wedding Lookbook and contact to find out how we can help make your special day an event to remember.

Special Notes:

At any event where food is served, allergies and dietary restrictions must be considered. If you are planning to give out chocolate favours you will need to know if anyone is intolerant to dairy or allergic to nuts. It’s always a good idea to ensure you have a list of ingredients available at the reception. Read our Allergens and Sensitivities page.

Warm Weather

If you are getting married in mid-summer, or organizing an outdoor wedding reception, special care must be taken to avoid the melting of your beautiful wedding favours. Manage this problem by keeping them refrigerated and handing them out as your guests leave in the evening. If you are planning to ship chocolate gifts, please read our warm weather shipping policy.