Ruby Crackle "Magic Shell" for Ice Cream

No tempering necessary — dip your ice cream in crunchy, crackly Ruby!
Added bonus – this recipe works with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate too!



  1. Place chopped Ruby and the coconut oil in the top portion of a double boiler or a heat-proof bowl set over barely boiling water. Heat Ruby and the coconut oil slowly until melted and smooth, stirring often. Alternatively, melt in the microwave at 15-second increments, stirring well, until melted and smooth.
  2. Remove from heat and let cool for about 10-15 minutes before using on ice cream. If mixture thickens, microwave for 10 seconds or return to the double boiler for 10-15 seconds, stirring well.
  3. Pour Ruby Crackle over ice cream or dip ice cream cones (ice cream side down, of course!) — if you’d like, decorate with freeze-dried raspberries, sprinkles, nuts, coconut pieces, etc., before the Ruby Crackle hardens.
  4. Store unused Ruby Crackle Magic Shell in a sealed container in the fridge. Before using, warm in the microwave microwave at 15 second increments, stirring well. Use within 2 days.

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